Full Time Course Costs

How much does the course cost?

The course fees for this year are £1950. Your £30 application fee is included in this total and the balance is payable during your time at the college. The balance may be paid in one of the following 3 ways. If you cannot evidence a robust financial plan, you may be asked to pay 50% of your fees up front before commencing on the course.

Up front

This option carries with it the attraction of a 5% discount. Payment breakdown: £30 application fee £1822.50 at the start of term 1 £1852.50 in total


This option incurs a charge of approximately 3%. Payment breakdown: £30 application fee £ 220.00at the start of October £ 219.80 at the start of each month from November to June £2008.40 in total

You should expect to pay up to £350 for additional expenses including required reading material, conference fees and costs associated with the mission week. Students are responsible for all living expenses including accommodation and the cost of travelling to and from college and church.

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