Full Time Course Curriculum

The full time curriculum combines in-depth examination of essential biblical doctrines with teaching on a wide range of practical topics relevant to leadership in the church today. Coursework includes a monthly book review and three major assignments. There is also an exam at the end of each term.

Module 1: Theology and Biblical Studies

This module provides a firm biblical foundation for each student’s Christian life and ministry. A study of Father, Son and Holy Spirit includes a look at the attributes of God, the doctrine of the Incarnation and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. This teaching leads into the atoning work of Christ on the cross. Also included are overviews of both the Old and New Testaments explaining who did what, when, why and where from Genesis to Revelation.

Module 2: Life in the Kingdom of God

God’s ways are not our ways so it is important that as Christian leaders we learn how to live life God’s way. Teaching on the Kingdom Parables found in Matthew’s Gospel explores the principles that operate in God’s Kingdom and helps students to apply these to their own lives. The down to earth teaching on Faith & Prayer will equip you to overcome life’s challenges by praying more effectively and exercising your spiritual authority as a Christian.

Module 3: The Church: A Biblical & Historical Perspective

Beginning with an overview of the nature and purpose of the church as found in Acts, Ephesians and Revelation, this module continues with a study of the 2000 year history of the church, zooming in to look at significant periods within this story. A focus of the biblical study of the church is the leadership of God’s people as He intended, looking at the roles of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, as well as elders and deacons, in the 21st century church.

Module 4: The Church: A Practical Perspective

This thoroughly practical module looks at the skills and structures that are required to actually run a local church. There are three broad headings within this module. Church Functionality includes subjects such as Project Management and the Praise & Worship Ministry. Discipleship looks at the importance of servanthood and how to work with people of different demographic groups such as kids, youth and the elderly. Pastoral Care covers important principles and practices on caring for individuals and small groups.

Module 5: Leadership

Through this module you will learn important biblical principles for leadership, including how to cast vision and work with others. The principles taught here are applicable to a wide range of contexts from teams and small groups to whole churches and ministries to business and the home. How to lead from the second chair – leading those under you while deferring to those over you, and a case study on the book of Nehemiah are among the subjects covered.

Module 6: Evangelism

The heart of this module is to encourage students to take seriously the Great Commission and to equip them to follow through on this conviction. Central to this teaching is the importance of a real and living relationship with Jesus before we can effectively share His love with others. Important principles of evangelism are discussed as are a variety of methods appropriate to different ages, faiths and cultures. There is also a focus on the role of signs and wonders in reaching out to the lost.

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