Former Destiny College Students

We are truly amazed at the fruit that has been borne through the lives of former students of Destiny College. Many have gone on to lead thriving churches, some are working to provide for the poor both in Scotland and overseas and others are running successful businesses based on the principles of God’s word.

Fiona Schubert
Fiona was part of the commissioned class of 2013. She is now an integral part of the senior leadership based in the Drumchapel area of Glasgow.

“The year I went to Destiny College changed my life forever. God spoke about, shaped and directed my future and He began equipping me for it. Destiny College is a truly life-changing opportunity, which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who wishes to discover and grow in God’s purpose for their life and their own leadership potential.” 

Buchan Lennon
Buchan was part of the class commissioned in 2016. He is now part of the senior leadership team in Destiny London

“Being at Destiny College really helped ground my faith in Christ, it allowed my roots to grow deeper. Taking 9 months out really helped me understand the personality of Christ. Being in an environment most days, where it was all about Jesus, really helped me draw closer to him.”

Ilona Witoszek
Ilona was commissioned from the Certificate in Christian Leadership in 2015. She is the Children’s Pastor for Destiny Glasgow

“The time I spent doing Certificate in Christian Leadership was the most shaping, challenging and developing time in my life. I studied the Bible, got equipped in evangelism, learnt how to trust God and what the Bible says about leadership. If you want to not only know “about God” but also “God himself”, do it!"


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