Destiny College Guest Lecturers

Each year we are honoured to have some of the world’s most influential Christian leaders teaching at Destiny College. For the students, these classes are always a highlight of the year as they learn from people who are making such a massive impact in cities, nations and continents as they follow God’s plan for their lives.

Stephen Matthew

stephen matthewStephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with over 35 years of experience in Christian ministry. 

The communication of truth with clarity is Stephen’s passion, which is reflected in his practical, insightful and equipping teaching style. 

Stephen served as Senior Associate Pastor of LIFE Church UK for many years, which remains his home, but today he spends his time serving a growing relational network of churches and leaders as a coach, speaker and hands-on strategist. 

He was the Founding Principal of LIFE Church College, where he is still teaches, as well as being a guest lecturer at a number of Bible Colleges in Europe. More recently he founded the Building Church Academy, which serves local churches by providing good quality training for people who are unable to attend a full time course. 

Stephen’s landmark book Building Church has become a valuable tool for helping church builders across the world and complements his other practical life-enriching titles like Rooting Out Relationship Killers, and Wisdom Wins! His Abundant Life Skills series, which currently has four titles: Battle for the MIND, MONEY Matters, Increasing PEACE, and Bringing the BIBLE to Life are ideal for personal and small group use. 

Stephen and his wife Kay have four adult children and eight wonderful grandchildren.

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Rev. Dr. Tony Sargent

rev dr tony sargentTony Sargent serves as a director of several Christian organisations including Operation Mobilisation and Elam Ministries and is on the Council of the Evangelical Alliance Scotland. He spent nearly thirty years in pastoral ministry at Worthing Tabernacle before moving on to become Principal of International Christian College in Glasgow in 1998. Tony dedicates much of his time and effort to humanitarian work in India.

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“I am happy to commend the practical and biblically based courses of Destiny College offered by a ministry that makes an increasing impact in Scotland.”

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Peter & Ann Pretorius

peter pretoriusPeter and his wife Ann head up Joint Aid Management, a Christian humanitarian organisation that is currently feeding around half a million children every school day. Peter also holds huge open air crusades where he has seen literally millions of people decide to follow Jesus, as well as hundreds of thousands being healed by the power of God. Both Peter and Ann have taught many times at Destiny College in recent years.

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“Ministering at Destiny College has been a good experience for me. I find the student body very open, thirsty for the Word of God and serious about doing things for the Kingdom of God. I recommend Destiny College as a good, sound foundation in training and preparation for true Christian living and the work of the ministry.”

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Bill Wilson

bill wilsonBill pastors America’s largest Sunday School at Metro Ministries, New York, with over 22,000 kids attending weekly. He and his team also help thousands of children worldwide through their various Sunday School services and child sponsorship programmes. Bill travels extensively as a conference speaker and has written a number of books.

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“If you can be around a place like Destiny College that promotes bringing people up to a higher level, where you can see your destiny and be around men and women of vision, you will start to say, ‘I want nothing but what God has for me.’ Until you expose yourself to such a place, the Spirit of God will not be able to get you to ascend to the position you need to be. I’d recommend Destiny College to anybody. Why? Because at Destiny, that’s where you’ll find yours!”

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